StillWaiting also doubles as a full sound and lighting company, with the ideal production setup for hosting any concert, Battle of the Bands, or live entertainment of any kind.

A Power tie in will be required and is the responsibility of the venue or promoter.

 **Please have your electrician scheduled in advance to avoid any issues, electrician should be onsite at the scheduled load-in time.** Provide your electrician the following contact info to make arrangements:

Any questions should be referred to Garrett King at email above.

Thank you, and God Bless!


Overview and Inventory



Behringer x32 Full-Size Console

Behringer X32 Rack Mixer (Additional inputs, Backup/redundancy, additional MonitorBusses

(2) S16 Snake - 16 input, 8 returns connected via Ethercon

(2) Crown XTi4002 Main amp

(3) Crown XTi4002 Sub amps

(2) TRX 2153 3 way passive (600w Continous /1200w Program /2400w Peak) main, 134db peak (each)

(2) TRX 118 subs 800 watt* (each)

(2) TCS Audio 218 subs 3000 watt* (each)

*RMS Ratings



Monitors are fed from FOH console, but can be remotely engineered from several laptops, tablets, and/or any Android or Apple device

DCM 2004 300W X 4

(4) TRX 152 400 watt* MONITORS

*RMS Ratings


Audix Drum mics: (2) D6, (1) D4, (2) D2, (1) i5, (3) ADX-51

Wireless Shure Beta 87

Wireless Shure SM58

(4) Shure Beta58

(2) Shure SM58

(2) Shure SM57

(2) Sennhieser e906 Cab Mics

(1) Behringer ECM8000 Measurement Mic (also used as Room mic/Ambient Mic feed to IEMs if desired)

(2) BBE Magnum DI

Radial JPC active stereo DI

Radial Pro D2 Passive stereo DI

ProCO 4 Channel Passive Rackmount DI

8X8 or 12X8 drum Rise 24” tall separable in 4X4 sections

4X8 AV Rise 24” height

100AMP 220V Power Distribution unit (Power tie in required by certified electrician,

responsibility of venue or promoter)

Front Truss - 12" square Global Truss system with ST157 stands 15'7" height, 30' span

Rear Truss - 12" square Global Truss system with ST132 stands 13'2" height, 16' span


GrandMa 2 onPC Lighting Controller

(2) Coemar Pro Spot 250 LX moving lights

(5) Martin RoboColor Pro 400 (32colors, dimmer, strobe, gobo etc.)

(14) RGBW 18X10 watt (4in1) Flat pars

(2) Chauvet LED TechnoStrobe White LED panels

(7) ADJ Freq 16

(1) Antari phazer

(4) CO2 Column Jets

Optional Backline Equipment

Bass Amp –Carvin BX 1200(watt) Bass Head With 118 cab leaded with Eminence Kilomax Pro 18 

Guitar Amps –(2) Carvin V3 3 channel 100watt all tube MIDI Capable Amps w/

Carvin GX 412 straight cab and Crate 412 280watt straight cab

Korg PS60 MIDI Keyboard

>>>No effects included with amps.<<<

Also available upon request:

Mapex M Birch 6 piece Kit with Gibraltar Intruder Direct drive Double kick Pedal and full complement of Zildjian cymbals: 14" Mastersound Z Custom HiHats, 17" K Custom Dark Crash, 17" K Custom Hybrid Crash, 19" A Custom Crash