Bringing the message of hope to dark places.


For StillWaiting, a high-energy hard rock group with hearts set on ministry, being a rock band is about more than music, it’s about a calling. The calling placed in the hearts of these five young adults is to live their lives as ‘musicianaries’ – people who are sharing the good news of Christ through their music.

These experienced youth leaders of Northwestern Pennsylvania began their music careers as a youth group band and have since evolved into a local hard rock sensation. 

With soaring guitar riffs, cello, heart-pounding bass, and a harmonic vocal sound from a duo of brothers, this hard rock band creates a unique musical style that reflects their passion for rock.
Musically influenced by bands such as Red, Decyfer Down, and Pillar, the band aspires to reach out to listeners of all genres with their sound and message. “Christian rock has had a huge impact on our lives and has brought us through some of our darkest times, and we want our music to do the same for others,” states frontman Garrett King.
Like other bands, they write songs based on personal experience, but, unlike other secular groups of the same genre, they write to minister. “Our songs are written about our real life experiences: our trials, our shortcomings, and the endless love and redemption that comes from our Savior in spite of all that,” says guitarist Sarah King. 
Their love for live engineering, rock and roll, and every aspect of show production makes this band a force to be reckoned with in the regional music scene.
In past years, StillWaiting has had the privilege of sharing the stage with bands such as Disciple, Seventh Day Slumber, Shine Bright, Everfound, Willet, Jay Michael, Anthem Lights, and Big Daddy Weave. They have also played at several music festivals, including Creation Festival Northeast and Alive Festival. Their songs have been featured in Quickstar Productions compilations Unified By Grace (2008) & A Call to Healing (2010) and nationally distributed.
StillWaiting released a 5-song EP project with Karl Anderson and Darren Elder of Halo Productions called the 'Ever Haunting EP' in 2103 and is currently working on new music.

Message from the band:
Hi friends! Hope you enjoy our site. The purpose of our band is to reach out to the youth of this nation through music and media with the message of the hope, love, and life found in Jesus Christ. 
That being said, we are very interested in performing a concert for your youth organization and sharing our music and testimonies with you and your youth. Our concerts can be used as an outreach tool to your youth’s community, school, and family members – many of which may not jump at the invitation of attending a church service, but often wouldn't even have to think twice about attending a rock concert!
If this is something that your youth group wouldn’t normally do, we really encourage you to try it. Nothing captures the youth of today like the continuous lure of music and media. We capture the youth’s attention in the same way, with catchy music and fantastic light shows – but then we use that opportunity to minister to them through our lyrics, testimony, and attitude. We want to show this generation that being a follower of Jesus Christ is real and exciting.
Blessings and love,
the StillWaiting team